What we do


We are Passionately committed to getting you the best hands through best practice engagement methods.


Our expertise in running background checks can be trusted and relied upon.


Our Training and Management Development programs address most skills gap in many organizations.


Our goal of delivering top notch outsourced services is to keep our customers performing.


Our team of professional have the capabilities to address psychological welfare which assists in increasing the productivity and mental stability of employees.

Geocoded Data Capture & Customer Address Verification For Kyc

Our Digital Solution creates seamless Data Capture/Customer Address Verification process in an efficient and effective manner. 

Why choose us

Medium and long-term gains are best realized by selecting a vendor like Synergy Insight who brings value to your core business. Our advantage over our competitors includes: our technology suite for various services; our business partnering mindset, our well trained staff / professionals; our team spirit; our highly motivated staff; our timely services, and our low cost of service. Summarily put, the range of our products and services help organizations achieve the following:

  • Focus on the core business
    Remove the distractions of handling employee matters, and other issues that are not very core to the business.
  • Reduce risk of error
    How many businesses can afford to hire the right talent to make certain that everything is done according to the law?
  • Achieve Top Notch talent management focus
  • Control expenses
    When times are tough, having cost fixed is essential. In good times it means more profit to the bottom line.
  • Reduce internal labour costs
    Outsourcing allows the internal staff to focus on what makes the company money.


What our clients are saying