Pre employment screening is a vital and often underused resources for employers. The consequences of employing the wrong type of person can be catastrophic. The advantages of pre employment screening and/or business background checks that Synergy Insight provides to its clients include, but are not limited to:

Professional License / Certification Verification

For some positions, proper licensing and certifications are not just essential—they are mandatory. Ensure your candidates have active licensure in good standing by vetting them their professional license and certification verification services.

Criminal Record Background Checks

Build your team with confidence with our thorough criminal background screening services. Having important facts at hand empowers you to make fair, informed hiring decisions that minimize risk and build trust with your clients and employees.

Employment Verification Background Check

Validate your top applicants with an in-depth employment verification. Our detailed reports will check against applicant-supplied employment information and reveal any inaccuracies in the data, giving you a full picture of their true work history experience.

Education Verification Services

Make sure you are investing in the right candidates before you hire them. Our education verification services help you confirm an applicant’s full academic history, including SSCE, diplomas and university degrees. With education playing such a vital role in today’s workforce, verifying an applicant’s education should be a crucial step in your pre-employment background screening program.

Professional Reference Check

You have heard from your candidates. Now see what others have to say about working with them with our professional reference check services. Interviews with professional references can provide you with a deeper level of insight surrounding your applicant’s previous performance and qualifications.

Guarantor verification / reference check

Guarantor’s validation ensures that there is someone who can be held accountable for an employee when the need arises. This is to validate whether the guarantor that stood for an employee is legit and confirming that such individual is fit to be a guarantor based on specified criteria. It also gives an assurance to the employer if there is a future fraud committed by the employee because the checks presented by the employee has gone through due diligence with full details of the guarantor. Many employers check employee references as part of the hiring process.

Address check

Validating residential addresses of employees or job applicants ensures that an organization is protected from individuals who have mischievous motives and can cause disruption in such an organization by various means such as stealing confidential information, sensitive data etc.

The address confirmation or screening proof is in actuality, the most relevant aspect of the employee background screening process. It is helpful in tracking employees in the circumstance of disciplinary issues, absenteeism or any violations and most importantly it helps organizations determine the authenticity of an employee or job applicant.

Recruitment competition is constantly increasing. To be successful in this competition, prospective employees are often found to resort to unfair means. There have been instances where job applicants provide fake residential addresses.

The motive behind such unlawful act varies widely has there are many organizations which have set criteria of appointing job applicants belonging to nearby locality, states or a certain country for getting hired in a particular position.

In order to get the desired position, candidates are often found to resort to such unlawful practices. There have been cases where a job applicant hides their original address in an attempt to cover up a past instance or incidence. Validating residential address of an employee or job applicant plays an important role in screening out candidates with false addresses.