Geocoded Data Capture & Customer Address Verification For Kyc

We have designed and developed a powerful web interface and a mobile app that will create seamless Data Capture/Customer Address Verification process in an efficient and effective manner. This is called the Interface for Address Management (IAM).

Synergy Insight have been able to transform the whole Data capture process into a web -based design (for managers and supervisors) and a mobile app (for field agents) so that requests/addresses can be assigned and verified on the go, Turn -Around 8 Time (TAT) can be effectively monitored, Vendor efficiency can be effectively accessed, Unstructured address lines can be easily returned for cleansing and then reassigned (for Clients using our portal), effective monitoring of field agents, geocoded quality check, and many more. All these are possible on the web platform seamlessly, easily, and faster than you can say Jack Robinson