Intern Recruitment program is designed specifically for the recruitment of fresh graduates who have undergone training in various management and technical fields at Synergy Insight Limited. This program is borne out of the following underlying assumptions:
  • Fresh graduates are green and often times are deficient in the requisite knowledge about workplace and its ethics
  •  Organizations spend a lot of money in training fresh graduates before they are placed in different business units. This cost can be eliminated with the recruitment of interns from Synergy Insight
  • Most fresh graduates do not have sound understanding of the technical tools and required technology to perform better at work. This program will offer them the opportunity to be familiar with some generic software, use of information technology at work and social requirements for better performance
  •  Careers path can be developed for the fresh graduates through the training and this can better suit the requirements of the organizations
  • On the job training for most graduates are often long and they are costly a times (especially in a dynamic environment). This program will reduce the learning curve and enable the Interns to fit into the corporate culture easily
  • Trained fresh graduates perform better than non-trained fresh graduates
Benefits to organizations
The service is designed to benefit all stakeholders. However, organizations that absorb the interns stand to derive the following benefits:
  • Cost of recruitment is minimal
  • There will be no salaries for the Interns for the period of internship. Since this is the period that lends them opportunity to proof themselves. However, we encourage that transport and meal allowances be paid at the discretion of the management of the organization.
  • Cost of pensions, insurance etc is also eliminated
  • Training cost for fresh graduates is also eliminated
  • Interns are given the orientations to create and add value to the organizations where they are place
  • Cost of background checks are eliminated, since this can be done by the organization.
Benefits to the Interns
  • Work experience is gained
  • Ability to express their potentials and gain competitive advantage for recruitment
  • Career paths are defined for the interns
  • Sound knowledge of business environment is also acquired
  • They are motivated to become intrapreneurial and Entrepreneurial