The current complexity of doing business and maintaining a company with high competitive standards in Nigeria, has led company leaders and executives to assume several responsibilities.
Outsourcing or “externalizing” non-core activities of a firm means that your firm can outsource its non core employees to Synergy Insight Limited where labor as well as other ancillary costs are relatively lower. This allows your company to focus on its core activities. 
When these procedures are performed internally by the corporations, they may be a distraction for executives, and take away from their time in dealing with core strategic business issues.
Our goal of delivering top notch outsourced services is to keep our customers performing. 
Synergy Insight Limited currently looks after over 500 diverse skilled and experienced employees for a varied mix of Government and local corporate organizations spread across almost the 36 states of Nigeria. Our clients choose us and continue to maintain relationship with us for the following reasons and benefits:
  • Our compliance records with Pension and PAYE (exclusively for staff who earns above N50,000.00 monthly pay), Insurance and other statutory requirements according to the labour laws of Nigeria
  • Our experienced, seasoned, professional operations and client service team
  • Our flexible, friendly pricing and payment terms
  • Our dutiful attention to the health and safety and wellness of our over 500 employees nationwide.
  • Our speed of delivery
  • Our Loan service for staff