The current trend in corporate organizations aside financial packages that helps to improve the general well-being of establishments is the introduction of psychological welfare which assists in increasing the productivity and mental stability of employees.
Following the trend of events that started occurring at the Call centre unit of your institution, the operation staffs have been going through a lot of unpleasant situations which could be attributed to their experiences on the job. This is presently affecting their productivity.
These experiences make employees to feel unhappy, withdrawn and having difficulties coping with other areas of their lives. In such situation, some staffs or individuals have the emotional stability to deal with these issues while other individuals lacks the skill but require an expert to help build their coping strategies.
Lots of issues came up recently which the management was able to identify with various complaints of emotional disturbances by these individuals. 
This occurrence has put most of these employees in situation which they had not foreseen before recruitment. Therefore some of them had started manifesting certain unpleasant conditions such as trauma, existential fears, anxieties, worries, depression, constant pain in the ear and flashbacks.
Presently, this observable signs of psychological problems identified in some of these employees are based on their experiences on the field of work. These issues might lead to major psychological problems if not dealt with from inception.

In order to prevent these major problems one need to start with proper psychological evaluation and assessments, identify capabilities of these individuals and proffer appropriate intervention tailored on individual basis, group and involvement of significant persons in their life( if necessary).


  • Provide initial assessment, analysis, decisions on appropriate intervention, utilization review, ongoing monitoring, and compliance with follow-up and support for employees identified.
  • Provide confidential crisis intervention, problem resolution and counseling to identify employees.
  • Provide consultations on employee problems, conflict resolution issues, and other interpersonal or behavioral areas that have negative impact on productivity.
  • Provide information for Employee on achieving sound mental health, awareness and identification of possible stressors, change and stress management likewise work-life balance program.
  • Maintain local database of these activities and cases; prepare local reports and maintain security of confidentiality.
  • Provide support and education on peer counseling to medical/support services staff; refer required cases appropriately for expert management